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Delightful is she who wake’s me every morning with a smile, her big blue eye’s and dimples always shining through the dark.  It’s early… sometimes 4:00 a.m., but how could you possibly be grouchy when you wake up to a face such as hers?

My mornings are busy to say the least.  Before the coffee hits my cup, or the glaze is wiped from my eyes, there is an abundance of energy surrounding me.  It’s dark outside, the house is cold from the winter slowly creeping in, and  I hear stomping outside of my door, whispers of morning excitement.  The alarm goes off, only for my husband and I to want to push snooze once more.

We have three children, each with very different personalities — all special in their own little way.  They are masters of learning and discovering everything they come into contact with.

Everyday with them is an adventure.  Their eyes are open to the world around them, and although I spend my days trying to teach them I have realized that they are teaching me.  They teach me to laugh, to play, to dance, and to love.  They teach me to stay young at heart and to stop and breathe in the life around us.


My father-in-law once told me that when he was young and raising a family that times were stressful and hard to manage.  Now when he looks back to those years when his children were young he says ” Those were the best time’s of his life.”  So, from this I have learned that children grow fast, and that the years pass by quicker than we could ever imagine.  Take time to enjoy those small moments, don’t dwell on things that cannot be changed, and spend time taking in all of the joy that comes with raising children. Play with them, love them, teach them, and enjoy every little part of their lives because one day soon they will grow into adults only to mirror with their children what they have learned from you.