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Every year millions of people celebrate Christmas.  For most, it is a time for giving, for receiving, for joy, and for love.  I have always cherished when the time came for the weather to change and the Christmas decorations to come out.  With winter brings thoughts of hot chocolate, warm feelings in the pit of  your stomach, and a fire-place with stockings hung above. 

This year my Christmas list is different from the norm.  Every year we are rushing to the stores to find that one perfect gift for our loved ones.  We are trained from years before to make sure all are blessed with gifts on Christmas.  Although it feels good to receive and to give, it is also nice to wish for those less fortunate.  This year my wishes are for all those around the world who are in need of something.

I wish for all of the children of the world, that you will be relieved from pain, from hunger, from discomfort, and from sadness.  I wish that joy, love, warmth, and security will be brought to you every day of your lives.

I wish that the homeless will have a warm place to lay their heads and a meal to fill their stomachs. 

I wish for families to stay close in heart and to cherish all that has blessed their lives.

I wish for forgiveness and for gratitude for it is what binds us together.

I wish for the elderly to be surrounded by those that they love.  I wish for their comfort, their joyful thoughts, and their memories to come.

I wish for those in distress to stay strong and to believe that everything does get better one day at a time.

I wish for parents who are having a hard time to be relieved of their burdens, to endure their children’s every moment, and to have faith in the foundation of which they have built. 

I wish that we could all take a minute and think of those individuals who are less fortunate, who are suffering, who are at loss, and who are struggling to survive.   To love ourselves, we have to love our world and the people in it.    Wish for greatness, wish for a change, make a difference, and Merry Christmas!  Thank You!