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Okay, so I decided to fill you in on the adventures of our dear Bell.  Amazing she is and quite the actress, her personality does not go unnoticed.  Actually, I am beginning to see myself in her everyday.  It dawned on me last night while I was walking to our High school gym to watch my son’s wrestling match and I almost ran into a pole.  I am notorious for being clumsy.  I have watched our Bell fall off chairs, trip on her own feet, run into walls, and slip on kitchen floors, but it had never occurred to me that I have done all of those things numerous times in the past.  I always tell her to slow down and pay attention but she never seems to do so.  It’s amazing it took me so long to connect that part of her with me.

Bell is the middle of  two siblings, her brother is in fourth grade and her sister is truckling right behind her following her every move.  You would think that she is suffering from the dreaded middle child syndrome of never being noticed or getting the much-needed attention; but hence you are wrong.  Bell is usually the first one noticed when walking into a room, which isn’t surprising to me at all because she’s my daughter and that gives her points already….just kidding.  She was born smart, very intellectual, very intuitive, very beautiful, and full of goofiness.  She is only in preschool and she is always the first to raise her hand to answer the question, she’s neat and tidy, very much into fashion, and quite possibly our future president.  Middle isn’t always so bad if given plenty of room to shine and anyone who has ever met my daughter would see that she is no shrinking violet.  Her memory is baffling and her drive is strong.

More importantly, I don’t think it matter’s what step of the latter your on in the family, but what room you are given to grow and to learn.  Help each and every child shine and grow in all aspects of their lives and you have done your job.