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Every individual on this planet wants a life of meaning, a life of significance, and a life to be proud of. When I was little I dreamed of being a doctor, living in a big city, and having a huge family. Dreams are the things that we live by, they are the glimpses of who we are and what we want to be. Although dreams can be distorted, they still symbolize a piece of our future and of our past. Do you dare to dream?

I dream of god and the warmth that he brings to my heart everyday of my life.

I dream of one day finishing college and holding a degree to work as a dietician.

I dream of milestones my children will pass and memories we will create.

I dream of family vacations of destinations all over the world.

I dream of a farm house with a white picket fence and horses galore.

I dream of fresh gardens with an array of colors and flavors .

I dream of friendships that carry on even through miles of distance and times of silence.

I dream of family gatherings with my children and my grandchildren around the table .

I dream of living to an old age and living each year as it were my first.

I dream of an abundance of wealth and also of gratitude for the blessings of my life.

I dream of baby whispers in my ears at wee hours of the mornings.

I dream of owning a business, writing a book, and establishing a name to be proud of.

I dream of my children and their childhood memories always dancing around in my head.

I dream of an eternity of chocolate cake and fudge brownie sundae’s.

Most of all I dream of accomplishing all of my dreams with patience, persistence, and perseverance along side with honesty, love, and integrity.