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In our home, we are usually never all together at the dinner table.  We made the dumb mistake of buying a table that was super cute and on sale but only had four chairs.  Don’t ask…I don’t know what we were thinking.

When I was little we almost always sat around the table, said grace, and ate together.  I’m a huge believer in it. I think it creates conversation, good kids, and quality time that a lot of households don’t get and in our case funny memories!  So a few nights ago my husband and I made California rolls. They were super yummy, but I will give you that recipe another day!  I pulled the computer chair up to our table so that we could all sit down with the T.V. off and have dinner together.

In my mind I was thinking of good family talk and some laughs.  Let me just say, I got exactly what I asked for it just wasn’t appropriate table talk.  Our Boston Terrier (Maggie) is in heat and lately the girls have been asking many in-detail questions about her anatomy.  My three year old keeps telling everyone she comes in contact with that Maggie has blood in her pot.  Ewww….right?  Sounds gross and you could imagine the looks I get when she says that!

 So, my husband begins to eat and takes only a few bites and says “Gosh, I don’t know whats wrong with me, lately I have been getting full too fast.”  My four year old proceeds in a very concerning mellow tone voice with “Daddy, I think maybe your in HEAT”  I swear he almost choked on his food.  The things we hear out of their little mouths can be quite shocking at times.  On the upside, I think life without their in-appropriate talk and timing would be completely boring!