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It’s a simple word yet it holds a different meaning for every situation.

A child whose past has not shown him there’s a better future ahead, waits patiently in hopes for change, for love, and for enlightenment.

A father who lies awake at night carrying the weight of all his responsibilities hopes he can be all that he is supposed to be for his family.

A mother who works hard every second of the day to ensure her children are taken care of hopes desperately for a moment of peace and clarity.

A cancer patient given only months to carry out all of their dreams hopes for a cure to live like never lived before.

A young adult freshly out of highschool hopes to find their place and their meaning in the world.

A newlywed full of dreams and future promises hopes to hold together a marriage in a world where divorce is taken so lightly.

A society divided by color, belief, and difference seek to find similarity in hopes of a better tomorrow for all of the generations following behind us.

Hope, it is the thin piece of twine that binds us all together.  We live to be inspired and to have faith in all that we hope for, we live to hope.

What do you hope for?

I’m participating in Melanie Crutchfield’s Blog Relay for Hope. Karen at Mom In The Muddle handed me the baton. Their websites offer beautifully written inspiration, be sure to check them out!

I want to invite Bucket List Publications, Chicken Nuggets and Elmo, Finding Gravity, Meet The Buttrams, and Talinorfali to write a post about hope.  Link up to me if you are interested in participating.  Thanks!

Melanie Crutchfield will be holding “Closing Ceremonies” around August 10 and will gather up little bits from people who wrote about hope, so link back to her.