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The stress has settled in this morning.  I was wondering when it was going to hit me.  Were only two days away from the first day of kindergarten.  It’s amazing how time flies.  It feels like she is growing to fast way to fast.

The thought of letting go of her sweet little hand and leaving school grounds brings so much emotion.  I remember the moment she was born like it happened yesterday.  Her lips quivered as she quietly pouted during her first moments of air.  Her beauty was angelic.  The only words I could get out of my mouth was how beautiful she was, and Man she was!

Weeks and months passed slowly.  We enjoyed every moment together.  I would sing and dance her in circles and she would gaze deeply into my soul with enough love to sustain a room full of people.  I would snap hundreds of photos trying to capture every moment, so that I could share with others what it was that I was experiencing with this unique little girl.

I have had the pleasure of staying home with my girls since birth.  I have witnessed their moments (good & bad), I have seen it all and experienced it all.  So, why is it that I’m so sad?  She is about as excited as the first time she experienced candy!  I’m not worried that she will be upset about me leaving her because I know she will be the exact opposite.   She’s a very strong & independent little girl and has no problem with making friends.  So my problem you may ask?  I don’t know?  I think I have to come to terms with how great this will be for her.  She will absolutely love it and for that I am truly excited!

Do you remember your child’s first day of kindergarten?  How did you feel?