Apartment Envy

I still can’t believe those evil gnomes trashed my closet.

But they did and they weren’t about to clean it up for me, so I got down to business. First I grabbed everything from my closet I didn’t love or need and had an impromptu yard sale. Then I removed everything from my closet that didn’t belong (notice the big pile of framed art for which we have no wall). Then I used fancy black velvet hangers to give my dressing room a cutie boutique feel. And now The Scientist loves me again!

SO much better, right? And what do you think of my cutie little nightstand? I found him in the trash room in our old apartment building right before we moved out, so I brought him home and painted him to match my DIY chest of drawers in my bedroom. Tricky! He’s currently empty so I’m not…

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