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Through the suggestions of my art teacher my friend and I found Black Diamond Mines. The beauty of being here in Spring time couldn’t possibly be put into words. We climbed all the way to the top of a hill where an old cemetery from the 1850’s still remains. It was an interesting walk through. Most of the stones are of children who were stricken with Small Pox and Diphtheria. Few people in the cemetery had lived past their 40’s. I think it would have been interesting to live back then, yet I also know the hardships of such times too.

Here is a photograph from the top of the hill to give you an idea of the beauty below this cemetery.

Malaki 7 Months (1 of 1)-11

There were wild flowers growing everywhere along the side of the hills.
Malaki 7 Months (1 of 1)-17
Malaki 7 Months (1 of 1)-18

We spent a good two hours hiking up the hills through the smallest of trails. At one point I got a little frightened one of us would slide down the hill because of how steep we were.
Malaki 7 Months (1 of 1)-16
There are so many great places on these trails to take pictures!
It was quite the adventure and the kids loved it. In all of the chaos of living in the Bay Area, we still find these country charms! My daughter didn’t mind stopping along the trails and posing for some great photographs.