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youngliving.jpgThere is not much like a morning air filled with the aroma of Young Living’s  Stress Away and Ylang Ylang.  It mostly smells like a sweet flower mixed with calming peace in my home.  I’m still a beginner in the world of essential oils.  I can only touch basis on a few as I am only an amateur.

Peppermint I will swear by.  It’s one of the oils that takes effect almost immediately.  It kind of reminds me of icy hot because of the burn.  At first I thought maybe I was burning my skin and so I would apply a carrier oil to lesson the effects.  Now, I add it straight to the area that is affecting me.  It’s great for neck and back aches, knee pain, migraines, I could go on and on!  This oil should be at the top of anyones list.  It really works!

Ylang Ylang wasn’t a favorite of mine when I first received it however, I’m only a beginner.  The scent was almost too flowery.  It is growing on me and it has become one of my favorite choice diffuser oils.  I hear it’s great for the heart, enhances mood, and boost energy.  I haven’t used it enough to swear by it yet but I will keep you updated!

Lavender is another top oil.  I use it for everything, I mean everything!  I use it on dryer balls for the laundry, home-made cleaning spray for the house, and occasionally for rub on the family before bed.  I used up the sample oil pretty fast!

Some other favorites are Lemon, Lime, Copaiba, Frankinscence, and PanAway.  You will have to try for yourself and I will post on these later!  Essential oil rewards are a great way to get free oils too, I should be recieving my free three month rewards member oil pretty soon.

Oils have been around for many generations and that is specifically why I trust and love them.  There are numerous health benefits to using them and if you dig deep into learning about them you will find many testimonials of people claiming they helped cure cancer, relieve symptoms of ailments, and helped in calming ADHD.  I could tell you about them all day but the only way to really know is to test them out for yourself.

If you are looking to enroll to start getting the benefits?  Feel free to click the link below to share in my excitement for a healthy lifestyle!