Time Passes Too Quickly


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cozziscornerThere is always so little time to achieve the daily chores of being a mother.  Time passes too quickly.  Work days steal your energy and each morning turns into the other. I cherish the moments I have with them.  I watch their smiles, their laughters, I hear their voices.  They are young and they are free.  Growing old is something that is denied to so many and yet too often we can take it for granted. I welcome age, as I know it will bring wisdom, character, and even hardship.  Without any of this we have nothing.  There are no memories without age.  Life is to be cherished at every stage.  In the next half hour, my house will turn into chaos.  The children will awake and the clock will start ticking to get us where we need to be.  It’s not always fun but it is part of living.  Live it, love it, and enjoy every bit of it!