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The days pass faster than I can keep up with. Your growing and before long you will drive away with your hands out the windows and the wind in your hair. I have spent years raising you. I have tried my best but I know I haven’t always made the best decisions but I have always had the best of intentions.

I promise to be patient with you even at your worst. I promise to remember exactly how I felt at your age and to see the world with your eyes. I will make an effort to understand your feelings and to listen instead of trying to speak. I know you are growing, I know you are becoming your own beautiful self. My job is not to force you to be but to embrace you fully with love and respect. I couldn’t be more proud of who you are and what you stand for. There will be days that you give me attitude. I will remember on these days where you might have learned that kind of attitude. I know that a lot of your personality is a mirror of my own. You have watched me over the years. You see how I react under stress, how I handle situations, how I deal with emotions. I have taught you without trying to teach you.

We tend to think that words are important but it is more of what you do, what kind of person that you are that speaks the loudest. I promise to love you no matter what. I will never turn away from you and I will always make sure that you know how much you mean to me. You are my children. No matter what happens in this lifetime you will never go a day without knowing that.

I pray that I have taught you
… to be giving
… to be patient
… to be kind
… to love the unlovable
… to forgive
… to smile
… to dig deep within
… to respect yourself
… to enjoy your life
… to make healthy choices
… to not hold grudges
… to be inspired
… to express yourself

These are the things that are valued, the things that will matter most. I have written this letter not only to you but as a reminder of who I want to be as your mother. In those moments of craziness I want to remember so that I can be your comforting place with arms of patience and understanding.